Dumb and Dumber To

In the first blog post about movies that have been filmed here in Atlanta, Georgia, we will talk about Dumb and Dumber To. This movie was funny as heck to me and my friends who went and saw it together. It was much anticipated after the original was filmed almost 20 years prior to the sequel that came out. Basically the two dumb dumbs are 20 years older and haven’t gotten any smarter during these 2 decades. It is funny that they have the new comedian that is getting big Rob Riggle in the movie as he adds another funny element to the characters and is getting messed with around every turn. My buddy over at movers Atlanta┬áloved that they added him.

Turns out that Lloyd was pulling a prank on Harry for the last 20 years and faking his own sickness in a retirement, old folks home. Harry comes and visits him in the home and Lloyd acts like he cann’t walk, is cripple and is playing a joke on Harry. He finally towards the end of the scene jumps out of his wheelchair and laughs at Harry letting him know the joke is on him! Hahaha, Harry is stunned and shocked that Lloyd would sit in a retirement home for 20 years just to play a joke on Harry…Pretty stupid if you ask me!

They pick up where they left off with Freda Felcher and the fact that they are going to look for her. When they find and address that they feel is associated with her and that she may live there now, it is actually another family and they get all mixed up with them. After getting to the house and speaking with the millionaire owner, they have to go across the country again (I know, shocker, right) to make sure a gift is given to the millionaire’s daughter. The trip across the country is where the funny stuff gets even better.

While in the car, Lloyd and Harry play a joke on Travis (played by Rob Riggle) who is in charge of overseeing the 2 guys give the gift to the daughter of the millionaire. They stop at a quick stop gas station and play a game called funnel nuts. They get Travis really good and then Travis gets Lloyd back with a slurpie going down his pants and wets his entire front side! That scene was hilarious and worth watching a couple of times. Something about the quick stop gas stations and Dumb and Dumber that are funny.

Then, while in the car they decide to play a game of who can smell each other’s farts and determine who’s it was. Travis finds this pretty stupid and goes along with it. During the first part, Lloyd sends a fart to the back seat and rolls up the windows with a child lock so that Travis couldn’t get any fresh air. This was hilarious, and then Travis puts a M-80 on Lloyd’s seat and it goes off, making the two guys deaf and running out of the car with a funny high pitched sound.

You need to go and see this movie if you liked the first one. A lot of people say that it isn’t as funny as the first one, but I liked it and it made me laugh a lot during the film. Some of it can be corny but the overall movie was good and would watch it again!